First Second Label turn to Bessiekat

The self-professed “Russian secret project” helms the debut 12″ from the Dublin label – stream in full here.

Founded as a plaform to help promote the local production talent peppered throughout Dublin, the First Second Label has helped throw the spotlight on the likes of Lumigraph and Boya since it began in earnest in 2011. There is a rich back catalogue of digi releases on the First Second Label bandcamp to explore if you are so inclined, but this year sees the Dublin operation expand their remit and their focus with the first of hopefully many 12″ releases due next month.

Barcelona-based Russian Bessiekat takes the reins with the three-track Oh, Night Wish 12″, which sees him maintain the momentum of last year which saw the release of a tape-shaped album on his own Isaiah Tapes label complemented by a clutch of digital and vinyl releases, You can stream all three tracks in full below, with closer “808 Time” a moment of shimmering restraint amidst the rather banging techno fare that precedes it.