HOLOVR debuts on Firecracker

Preview the stargazing acid of the upcoming Trace Realm EP here.

Take a glance at the Indole Records discography and its clear founder Jimmy ‘ HOLOVR’ Billingham has spent the past year focussed on really establishing the label. His own HOLOVR album Line Of Flight has been complemented by cross-format releases from Dan White’s Rings Of Saturn project, WANDA GROUP alias Henry Caravan among others. A new year brings a welcome surprise with the news Billingham is set to bring his drawn out, heart wrenching brand of acid as HOLOVR to Edinburgh’s finest Firecracker Recordings in the shape of the Trace Realm EP.

Available to preview below, the spoken word-blessed lysergic drift of closing track “Corporeal Crust (Cthelll Core)” stands out as an immediate highlight. Unsurprosingly, there is no confirmed release date for the five-track 12″ just yet but it makes for a fine addition to the Firecracker discography following recent releases such as those Linkwood remixes and the Gravitational Lensing EP by Healing Force Project.