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Best of 2015: Staff lists

List seasons ends in traditionally irreverent fashion with all the Juno Plus contributors outlining the year in their own distinct fashion.

After laying down almost 20,000 words for this year’s bout of roundups and rundowns, the chance to disengage the brain, adopt a more humourous tone, and induldge in some simple list making is all too welcome. As has become customary, we end this year with a selection of lists from all the individuals that have contributed to the Juno Plus cause this year, with the majority of those featured choosing to focus on music, reflecting well on everything that has been released in 2015.

Aurora Mitchell’s 10 tracks that proved how great dance music is in the UK in 2015

Mr Beatnick – Stutter (Don’t Be Afraid)
Beatrice Dillon – Face B (Where To Now?)
Pearson Sound – Thaw Cycle (Pearson Sound)
Rezzett – Goodness (The Trilogy Tapes)
Shanti Celeste – Being (Future Times)
Kamixlo – Paleta (Codes)
MM – 9th Ritual (Her Records)
Randomer – Kids Play (L.I.E.S.)
Acre – Holding Hands (Tectonic)
Leif – Taraxacum (UntilMyHeartStops)

Brendan Arnott’s 10 Dance Records That Dug Their Little Claws Into My Flesh This Year

Lata Ramasar – The Greatest Name That Lives (Invisible City Editions)
Fit Siegel ‎– Carmine (Fit)
Merle ‎– 2000 (And We’re Still Here) (Stripped & Chewed)
Entro Senestre – Self Titled (WT Records)
UMFANG – OK (1080p)
Huerco S – Railroad Blues (Proibito)
Nadia Khan – Deep Court (Video Game Music)
Antenes – The Track Of A Storm (LIES)
Gunnar Haslam – Margareten EP(Mister Saturday Night)

Dave Jenkins 10 Ravey Reasons To Remain A Card Carrying Member Of A Whistle Crew In 2015 (Or Horn Crew If You’re That Way Inclined)

Diemantle – Damagement (Gutterfunk)
Rockwell – Please Please Please (Play This On The Radio) (Shogun Audio)
Jamie xx – Gosh (Young Turks)
Coleco – Raveworx (Shogun Audio)
Special Request – Simulation (XL)
S Man – Rava Flava (Sub-Woofah)
Dead Man’s Chest – Nautilus (Ingredients)
Kink – Pocket Piano (Breakbeat Remix) (Running Black)
Rockwell ft Sam Binga & Hyroglifics – ITSOK2BHAPP-E (Shogun Audio)
Krakota – Crash Pads (Hospital)

Flora Pitrolo’s Cold Sweats: Archive Fever 2015

Lena Platonos – Gallop (Dark Entries)
Various Artists – Der Zeltweg: Italian Tapes Industrial Music 1982-84 (Mannequin)
Fernando Gallego – Maquinismo Operatorio (1984-1986) (Domestica)
Boche – Beats (Entr’Acte)
Daniele Ciullini – Domestic Exile Collected Works 82-86 (Ecstatic)
Rex Ilusivii – In the Moon Cage (Offen)
Irsol – First Contact / Half Life (Vinyl on Demand)
Paki-Visnadi – Imaginary Choreography (Antinote)
Dariush Dolat-Shahi – Electronic Music, Tar And Sehtar (Dead-Cert)
Vincent Max – The Future has Designed Us (Discom)

Ian Maleney’s Top 10 most Questionable Album and Track Titles of 2015

Schmutz – Transgender
Regis – Manbait
Call Super – Migrant
Silent Harbour – Environmental Migrant
Volte Face – The Power of Christ Compels You
Kerridge – Always Offended, Never Ashamed
October – Black Narcissist
Orphan Swords – Hooker
Alphadrum – Symbolism
Scuba – All I Think About Is Death

Twelve albums from James Manning’s bizzaro world of weirdo electronics, Eastern Bloc minimal, celestial vocal, glacier ambient, industrial horror show and other make-believe genres.

Vid – Schite Si Note ‎(An|dromeda)
Ion Ludwig – Ghost To Coast (Ugold Series)
Petre Inspirescu – Vin Ploile (Mule Musiq)
Periksop – Immerse (Kabalion)
Verrina & Ventura – Uno (Howl)
Tite – Snare Roll (Fragile Musique)
Kristin Anna – Howl (Womens Work)
Busen – Ganz Kurzen Ding (General Elektro)
Northaunt – Istid I-II (Cyclic Law)
Katsunori Sawa – Secret Of Silence (The Weevil Neighbourhood)
Thomas Brinkmann – What You Hear (Is What You Hear) (Editions Mego)

Ten Great 2015 Records That Reminded Matt Anniss Of Ones He Bought In The Early ‘90s

Aquarian Foundation – Mind Miniatures (Going Good)
Shine Grooves – Туманность ‎ (Kimochi)
Borai – Anyone From London (Hotline Recordings)
I:Cube – Cryptoporticus (Versatile)
Attitudes In Error – VPlay EP (Acting Press)
Slow Riffs – Gong Bath (Mood Hut)
Luca Lozano + DJ Fett Burger – Hands Of Doom 2 (Klasse Wrecks)
Max McFerren – Sipps (1080p)
Gonno – Obscurant (International Feel)
Rings Around Saturn – Erosion (Analogue Attic)

Nic Tuohey’s top 10 of 2015

Gonno – Remember The Life Is Beautiful (Mule Musiq)
Not Waving – Voices (Not Waving)
John Beltran – Espais (Delsin)
Felix K – Tragedy Of The Commons (Blackest Ever Black)
Rrose – Vanishing Pools (Eaux)
Helm – Olympic Mess (PAN)
Polar Intertia – Kinematic Optics (D3MENTD)
Sergie Rezza – Sergie Rezza (Desire)
Peder Mannerfelt – The Swedish Congo Record
Damien Dubrovnik – Vegas Fountain (Alter)

Oli Warwick Top 10 2015 Sleeves of the neo-1980s

Jack Latham – Lux Laze  (Utter)
Voilaaa – On Te L’Avait Dit (Favourite)
Charles Maurice / Various – Brazilian Disco Boogie Sounds Volume 2 (Favourite)
Alex Font – Introductory (Acme)
Katia – Io Senza Di Te (Mothball)
FM Attack – Dreamatic EP (Mothball)
Electroton – Italo Record (Mysidian)
Hysteric – Oasis Room (Ostra Discos)
Wall $treet – Trading For Love (Mysidian)
Goldie Thorn – Canal Life (Dreamtime)

Philipp Weichenrieder’s top 10 uncanny tracks of 2015 

Kuedo – Eyeless Angel Intervention (Knives)
Zora Jones – Oh Boy (Fractal Fantasy)
Acre – Better Strangers (Tectonic)
Holly Herndon – Interference (4AD)
Celestial Trax – Channelling (Astral Black)
Lakker – Mountain Divide (XL)
Shlohmo – Relentless (True Panther Sounds)
Sudanim – Seydou (Sound Pellegrino)
Mumdance & Logos – Chaos Engine (Tectonic)
Rustie – Peace Upzzz (feat. Rustie) (Warp)

28 Plays Later – 2015’s Best Records by Richard Brophy

Omar-S – I Wanna Know (FXHE)
Various Artists – Test Pilot Volume 2 (Viewlexx)
The Wall / The Stallion – Fire / Hope (Mick Wills edits) (Vielspass)
Gesloten Cirkel – Untitled 11 & 12 (Murder Capital)
OD/MB – Shplittin’ the Shtones (No Label)
Timothy J Fairplay – No News From New York (Work For Love)
Vercetti Technicolor – Black September (Giallo Disco)
Kai Alcé Featuring Rico & Kafele Bandele – Take A Chance (NDATL)
Fit Siegel – Carmine (Fit Sound)
Musumeci – Harry Batasuna / Untitled (An-i Edits) (Mannequin)
House of Doors – Starcave (Mood Hut)
Tropic of Cancer – Stop Suffering (Blackest Ever Black)
Broken Arrows – So Few Truths (Giallo Disco)
Beau Wanzer – Untitled (No Label)
Levon Vincent – Levon Vincent (Novel Sound)
Tzusing – A Name out of Place Part 2 (L.I.E.S.)
DKMD – Sacrificio (Giallo Disco)
Aardvarck – Co In Ci (Skudge)
Gavin Russom – Mantle of Stars (L.I.E.S)
Hieroglyphic Being – Methods of Book Transfer (Tabernacle)
Cute Heels – Nepotism (Schrodinger’s Box)
Heinrich Dressel – Lurking Underwater (Barba)
Artist Unknown – Bill Killed (White label)
John Heckle – Trema (Mathematics)
Severed Heads – Greater Reward (Piano Power Edit) (Optimo Trax|)
Steve Legget featuring Greg Blackman – Aquarius (Apartment)
//Tense// – Disconnect Myself (Beau Wanzer Adjustment) (Mannequin)
Entro Senestre – ES (WT)

Rose Mardit’s 8 contemplative club trax and 8 soothers for spiritual comedowns

Vril – Portal 7 (Delsin)
Lohhof – Happy Times (Woodwork)
Fit Siegel – First Found (Fit)
Christopher Joseph – In The Cage (Flexxseal)
Local Artist – Place I (Rhythm Section International)
Sleep D – Velvet Vortex (Rainforest Version) (Butter Sessions)
Gunnar Haslam – Poshlost (Mister Saturday Night)
Tim Schumacher – Chording An Arab (Basement Floor)
Odeon – Maga Circe (Edizioni Mondo)
K. Leimer – Disquiet (Palace of Lights)
D.Å.R.F.D.H.S. – Tystnaden & Ensamheten (Northern Electronics)
Journeymann Trax – Ice Sheets (1080p)
Donnacha Costello – Ten Ton (Self-Released)
Øyvind Morken – Jungelerotikk (Moonlighting)
Drew McDowall – Through Is Out (Dais)
Len Leise – El Modelo (International Feel)

Tony Poland’s Top 10 Pets of Electronic Music In No Particular Order

Berlin Community Radio pooch Bobby
Max D’s pupper Morton
Tokimonsta’s Scottish Fold Misha
The DVA Damas hound Chief
Fritz, Resident Advisor office dog
Florist’s Staffy-Sharpei mix Bubba
Niagara’s dog Oscar (pictured above)
The Asshole Twins, resident cats at Further Records HQ
Shape Worship’s puggle Yoshimi
Bella, proud tyke of Kontra-Musik founder Ulf Eriksson