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Príncipe to release Blacksea Não Maya and Normal Nada 12″s

The pair of records will round out a triumphant year for the Lisbon label. 

This year may have seen Warp Records profile the Lisbon scene through their Cargaa series of 12″ releases, but Príncipe have been at forefront of championing the various musical flavours of the city since 2011. With a succession of releases throughout 2015 from DJ Firmeza and DJ Nigga Fox, Nidia Minaj, and CDM covering Afro-Portuguese styles like kuduro, batida, and funaná as well as the improvised house antics of Niagara, Príncipe has arguably had their most impressive year to date and are set to end on a high with two further 12″s due next month.

The first, Calor No Frioo, sees the Blacksea Não Maya production trio (pictured above) return to the label after sharing sides on a self-titled 12″ with Piquenos DJs Do Guetto back in late 2013. Formed of South Lisbon dwelling Kolt, Noronha, and Perigoso, BNM’s full Príncipe debut features productions from the crew in various iterations with opening track “Batidongoo” available to stream below. Due to land at the same time is Transmutação Cerebral, a seven 12″ from a newcomer to the Príncipe cause in Normal Nada, the latest production alias of an “elusive underground metakuduro legend” formerly known as Qraqmaster CiclOFF and Erre Mente. Those wishing for a taste of Normal Nada’s Príncipe debut can check out a track over at the label’s SoundCloud page.

Príncipe will release both Calor No Frioo by Blacksea Não Maya and Transmutação Cerebral by Normal Nada on December 11.

Blacksea Não Maya – Calor No Frioo Tracklisting:

A1. DJ Kolt & DJ Noronha – Batidongoo
A2. DJ Perigoso – MacoBayou
A3. DJ Kolt & DJ Perigoso – Assabakuse
B1. DJ Joker, DJ Kolt, DJ Noronha & DJ Perigoso – We Send This
B2. DJ Kolt & DJ Perigoso – Perseguição
B3. Comandante Em Chefe

Normal Nada – Transmutação Cerebral Tracklisting:

A1. Aurabi
A2. Nubai (Wo Lo Lol)
A3. Kakarak 1
A4. Kakarak 2
B1. Ritmo Thoth
B2. Azouse
B3. Tarraxinha Da Calopsita

Príncipe on Juno