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Danny Wolfers soundtracks Swan Song Of The Skunkape

The Dutch artist’s score for a short documentary on the mythical bipedal resident of Florida is due for release on Nightwind Records.

Formed late this year, Danny Wolfers’ Nightwind Records has proved an immediate outlet for the Dutch artist to slip out short run cassettes and low key digital releases under all new aliases like Saab Knutson and Rising Sun Systems. This month finds the self-styled “North Sea Institute For The Overmind” enter the vinyl fray with a double LP edition of the Calimex Mental Implant Corp. cassette Wolfers issued earlier in the year, but the Dutch artist already has plans for the next release on Nightwind Records.

Given his penchant for crafting overly imaginative narratives to accompany his various musical projects, it is not hard to see why Wolfers would be drawn to working on music for a film exploring mythical beasts of the US. And that is the case with Swan Song Of The Skunkape, a short documentary by Brad Abraham about South Florida’s strangest bipedal resident featuring interviews with the few Florida residents lucky enough to have spotted the Skunkape set to the music of Danny Wolfers.

The documentary can be viewed below (warning: it contains some brief images of nudity) whilst more information on the project can be found here. The cassette edition of the soundtrack is due next month and will be issued in faux leather luxurious plastic case by Nightwind replete with a micro-zine included.

Nightwind Records will release Swan Song Of The Skunkape Original Soundtrack by Danny Wolfers in late-November.

skunkape pack


1. Cliff’s Theme
2. Look For Sign
3. Swamp Cave
4. Original Ted Theme
5. Observe Me
6. Epithany
7. In Their Right Mind
8. 700000 Acres
9. Hinterland
10. Forteana
11. Glades
12. Alternate End Music

Nightwind Records on Juno

Swan Song of the Skunk Ape from Brad Abrahams on Vimeo.