Keep Your Mind Open with Hieroglyphic Being

Acquaint yourselves with the lead track from the Chicago artist’s forthcoming record on Bedouin. 

Jamal Moss always appears to be in a flux of activity. Already this year the Mathematics man has put his various aliases on releases from Berceuse Heroique, Tabernacle, Contort Yourself and Cejero. As the last quarter of 2015 rolls into sight we can expect an album length trawl through the ‘Supressed Tapes’ of his I.B.M. guise from Interdimensional Transmissions and now the debut of yet another pseudonym for Bedouin Records. The two-track Keep Your Mind Open 12″ introduces Hieroglyphic Being & The Truth Theory Trio and whilst no release date has been confirmed the label has chosen to seek out the talents of hurfyd for a most appropriate video. Available to watch below, heavily processed imagery with psychedelic qualities meets the 12-minute title track from Moss and his (presumably fictional) trio which is a perfect balance of celestial and crunched.