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Burnt Friedman and Uwe Schmidt reunite as Flanger

Lollopy Dripper from the accomplished German artists will arrive on Nonplace in October.

With head dizzying discographies that reach back nearly three decades, the respective works of Burnt Friedman and Uwe Schmidt are a marvel to behold. Both have roots in the ’80s German industrial scene and have since maintained a steady level of productivity that has tackled numerous projects and aliases, from the former’s celebrated work with Jaki Liebezeit to the latter’s achievements as Atom Heart. That barely scratches the surface of the multi-faceted and continuously experimental work each artist has created, not to mention multiple collaborations, but they also found time to cross paths as Flanger.

The first manifestation of this jazz-powered sound was on Ninja Tune sublabel Ntone back in 1999 for the Templates album and accompanying singles, delivering another two albums each consecutive year while graduating to the parent label. The last new material from the pair was the Rituals album in 2005 on Friedman’s own Nonplace imprint, and now they have reanimated their project for a new album that once again skews the lines between electronic practices and jazz traditions.

Lollopy Dripper is a ten-track affair that features many of the attributes of Friedman and Schmidt, all complex layers of percussion and delightfully odd synth squiggles that stay grounded through the presence of live instrumentation and a humane warmth. Bar Hayden Chisholm’s saxophone turns, this new album was composed by the two long-time collaborators side by side in Friedman’s Berlin-based studio. As has become customary with Nonplace releases, Theo Altenberg created the distinctive artwork, which in many ways reflects the busy nature of the music it encases.

Nonplace will release Rituals by Flanger on October 16.


1. Onset
2. Sweet Silence
3. Heady Men
4. Körperspannung
5. Centre Of Unrest
6. Spin
7. Mulch (CD only)
8. They Don´t Know What They Don´t Know
9. Rubberhead Illusion

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