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Condesa Electronics unveils Lucia


The Australian rotary DJ-mixer manufacturer add the Lucia to their range of products. 

Last year we profiled Condesa Electronics, a boutique rotary DJ mixer manufacturer based in Adelaide, Australia, with ties to London and Berlin. At the time of publication Condesa had two models to its name; their ubixtious Carmen desktop make (inspired by older Bozak and E&S designs) and the Allegra rack-mount mixer, with CE head sparky Medhi El-Aquil revealing to Juno Plus a reconfigured version of the former was due for release. Almost 12 months later the Lucia has arrived, a reconfiguration of the Carmen that fits its both rotary channels with low, mid and high EQs as opposed to the previous sole master EQ of its marquee product.

“Basically the original concept for Lucia was a IC (integrated circuit) based design for ease of production, but when we prototyped the circuit and listened to the sound, we still preferred the character of the discrete circuitry used in the Carmen and Allegra Mixers,” El-Aquil told Juno Plus, adding, “so I went back to the drawing board and re-designed Lucia with the same discrete circuits as Carmen and Allegra, the only IC based circuit in Lucia is the three-way master Isolator (we found this circuit to have a very transparent sound).”

Like the Carmen, all circuits are discrete except IC based isolator, and the Lucia will be cased in Australian oak woods. Updates, however, include phono and line inputs, selectable by a switch on the front panel, stereo FX return (RCA input) with volume control, post fader FX send per channel, and a headphone selector knob that allows you to crossfade from Channel 1 to 2 (and vice versa) in the headphones to check your mix. The Lucia is currently retailing for $2900 AU and for more information on the Lucia and Condesa Electronics products visit the companies website.

The Lucia by Condesa Electronics is available now.