L.SAE next on Timedance

A second release on Batu’s label introduces the new project from UK producer Metrist.

Launched earlier this year, the Timedance label from Omar ‘Batu’ McCutcheon arrived with a stated focus on “hybrids and mutations of UK techno” and has thus far proved itself a worthy addition to this ever-swelling pool. A debut release from Batu himself set the tone, with the two-track Cardinal 12″ taking threads of his previous appearances for Cold Recordings and Dnuos Ytivil and bolstered them with some fresh new ideas. Having gone on to serve up a fine 12″ for the Hotline Recordings label in May, Batu has refocussed attentions on Timedance with news of a second release presenting a new addition to the cause in L.SAE.

The strangely framed project is a new creative endeavour from Joe Higgins, a UK producer previously known for his output under the Metrist name for labels such as Fifth Wall and Resin. The two-track 12″ The West End As It Will Be is Higgins’ debut as L.SAE and sees him drawing from a “distinctively raw, atmospheric sound palette, referencing material from early Drum & Bass, noise-techno and ’90s IDM.” You can stream the delightfully strange title track in full below.

Timedance will release The West End As It Will Be by L.SAE on August 28.


A1. The West End As It Will Be
B1. Line Sunk Like I’m Sunk

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