Shifted calls time on Mira

The experimentally-minded sister label of Avian will see no further releases.

Inaugurated by a pair of Bleaching Agent releases from Blacknecks and Forward Strategy Group man Al Matthews, the Mira sister label to Avian ran as a platform for “experimental techno stuff, noise, drone or industrial pieces” that didn’t fit the aesthetic of Shifted’s main operation. In the following two years and subsequent eight releases, Mira has issued music from Covered In Sand, Worn, and Faugust, side projects to Avian regulars Shifted, Ventress, and Sigha respectively as well as Prostitutes, KVB man Nic Wood and Oliver Ho’s Zov Zov project. Art direction from Juan Mendez and a dedication to the 10″ format were the two consistent elements to Mira.

Zov Zov’s Ruin Lust was the last Mira release and it transpires there will be no further transmissions from the Avian offshoot with Shifted posting an announcement via Facebook yesterday afternoon. “The direction that Avian has taken now seems to blend quite seamlessly with what Mira was meant to represent”, Shifted revealed, adding, “in future more experimental titles will also come via Avian alongside our regular output”. Future Avian releases from Shawn O’Sullivan’s 440PPM alias and Litüus, aka Chicago based composer and visual artist Connor Camburn, are promised over the coming months.