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Der Zyklus returns with Axonometric

Der Zyklus 590

Gerald Donald reignites one of his many projects for an EP on Zone Records.

These days it doesn’t feel like you’re too far from a fresh injection of Drexciyan electro goodness, whether it be as a new release or a timely reissue. Clone have obviously been on the case for some time in mining the back catalogue of Gerald Donald and the late James Stinson’s seminal productions, which most recently manifested in the re-release of the Der Zyklus album Biometry. Juno Plus writer Richard Brophy hailed the new edition of the 2004 album as, “shining a spotlight on a project that doesn’t have the same kind of high profile as other Stinson/Donald aliases.” Back in 2013 the Elektronisches Zeitechno EP appeared from Donald under this particular alias on the Clone Aqualung Series, while in the mean time he remixed Jeremiah R on the first Organic Analogue release under his Heinrich Mueller moniker, and contributed a Dopplereffekt remix of “Instinct” to The Exaltics remix release forthcoming on Solar One.

Now though a whole dedicated EP of fresh material from Der Zyklus has been forged for Zone Records, the Paris label overseen by Michel ‘The Hacker’ Amato and Alexandre Reynaud. As Resident Advisor reports, Axonometric comes accompanied by a typically abstract explanation from Donald himself, stating that, “electronic music is based on science and the scientific method is utilized in its creation. Theories and hypotheses are put forth and if they are practical and plausible they will be tested to verify them. Some theories work and some don’t, but no theory is considered too abstract.” Comprised of four tracks, Axonometric is slated for a September release, although we’re yet to ascertain on what formats the music will be available.

Zone will release Axonometric by Der Zyklus on September 15.


1. Perspective Grid
2. Plan Oblique
3. Isometric Projection
4. Explosion Diagram

Header image courtesy of Frank Bauer