Listen to a new mix by Steven Porter


The arcane Japanese duo are back with a striking hour-long mix entitled 鰻 – Unagi.

One of the truly enigmatic presences in electronic music are Steven Porter, a Japanese duo responsible for making an untouchable style of supernatural techno that fuses industrial and noise-based music with, gutteral, earth shaking grooves. Their music can be found on labels The Weevil Neighbourhood, Semantica and 10 Label run by Yuji Kondo, one half of Steven Porter with Katsunori Sawa. The pair, whose nom de plume is up there with Hessle Audio affiliates Bruce and Joe, delivered our 80th Juno Plus Podcast last year, a selection filled with French cold wave, ’90s American grunge to harsh modern electronics and other obscurities, helping paint a better picture of where the duo’s inspirations stem.

For a second dose of visceral music that takes in metal and hardcore to breaks, hip hop and other mutated forms electronic music, enjoy this self-styled 鰻 – Unagi mix recorded in Kyoto last Monday that’s streamable below.