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Cylob brings Inflatable Hope to Power Vacuum

The veteran UK electronica producer will release a new mini-LP at the end of June.

Largely associated with the influential mass of electronica that is Rephlex Records, Chris Jeffs’ work as Cylob has stood quietly proud as some of the finest to emerge in the past 20 years. From heartfelt melodic whimsies to crunchy oddball fare, his maverick production skills have always been matched by a wry sense of humour, ensuring Cylob releases are always fun to listen to even if they were not always taken seriously over the years. Recently his appearances have been sporadic, with any new Cylob material sneaking out on his own Cylob Industries label, while other aliases, Ambient News and Nonprivate, have briefly divulged alternative sides to Jeffs’ music making habits.

The Quantum Loonyverse, self-released in January this year, was the first Cylob long-player for a good eight years, and it was swiftly followed up by an appearance on the second Vectors various artists release from Power Vacuum. Now Power Vacuum have elicited a full seven tracks from Jeffs which make up Inflatable Hope, a righteous mini-LP that should have any die-hard Cylob fans getting all hot under the collar. It’s a rambunctious affair that calls to mind some of the wildest music Jeffs has ever turned his hand, not to mention pushing the already rowdy Power Vacuum into ever more confrontational territory. The uncompromising sound feels right at home on Milo Smee’s label, not to mention bolstering its already-sturdy reputation. Judge the Cylobian wares for yourself via the SoundCloud player below.

Power Vacuum will release Inflatable Hope by Cylob on June 23.


A1. Concrete Corporal
A2. Granular Psychosis (Ect Mix)
A3. Zattrday
B1. Rosetta
B2. Ticking Over
B3. Mission To Mercury
B4. Pulp The Bass