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A Made Up Sound opens up the archives once more

Clone will release a third installment of tracks from Dave Huismans on their Basement Series.

It’s been a comparatively quiet time for Dave Huismans of late, with the last standalone release from him being his The New Today LP as 2562 back in October last year. As A Made Up Sound he released the Night Owl 12” on The Trilogy Tapes 12 months ago, while prior to that there have been potted self-released singles and a pair of remixes of Asusu on Livity Sound. All told, it would seem Huismans is exercising some patience in issuing his music out and it’s no bad thing in an age where over-saturation is all too commonplace. Even if he has been rather prolific between his two primary aliases since the mid ’00s, he has always done a good job of spreading out the material so as to not dilute the impact.

It’s high time we were treated to some more A Made Up Sound though, and so a third 12” in the Archive series on Clone Basement Series should come as welcome fodder for those craving a little of Huismans’ more linear material. There’s plenty of floor-friendly fodder contained within, albeit decorated with the kind of grungy instrumentation details that peppered The New Today as well. It’s a canny fusion that infuses techno fundamentals with human spirit, once again demonstrating why Huismans is always held in such high regard whatever guise he adopts. It’s worth noting that EP opener “Cheater VIP” popped up in a Boiler Room set back in 2012 so it’s a welcome treat for all dedicated AMUS fan boys and girls out there – previews below!

Clone Basement Series will release Archive III by A Made Up Sound on June 15.


A1. Cheater VIP
A2. Funkstation
B1. Us
B2. Them