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Antinote to reissue Italian synth curio

The unheraled work of Venetian pair Paki Zennaro and Gianni Visnadi has been uncovered by the Paris label.

Antinote was born out of founder Quentin Vandewalle’s desire to offer the archival tape techno of Gwen ‘Iueke’ Jamois the wider audience it deserved, and it has remained an integral feature of the label’s output, augmenting releases from a cast of contemporary artists like D.K., Panoptique, Geena, and Stéphane Laporte. With the latest batch of Iueke goodness just released, the label have laid out details of their next release and it’s another archival effort with quite the story to it. You’ll be forgiven for not being particularly familiar with Paki Zennaro and Gianni Visnadi, a guitarist and electronic composer hailing from Venice who elected to work together one night in 1984 with the intention of recording some music to be used for local dance schools.

The end product was the appropriately titled Imaginary Choreography which the pair seemingly only recorded to a small number of tapes that were sent to friends, replete with home made photocopy inserts featuring hand written track names and production details. One of these cassettes was recently found by chance in a Paris flea market by Johanna Heather Anselmo, partner to Gwen Jamois, who’s apparently quite used to rummaging through boxes of tapes thanks to his “unusual habit of hiding tapes all over their flat”. Some detective work from Jamois lead to the Venetian duo being tracked down, and it seems they were more than happy to see Imaginary Choreography get a wider release on vinyl.

Antinote will release Imaginary Choreography by Paki-Visnadi in late April.


1. Migration
2. Parallel Waves
3. In A Dark Run
4. Waterlight
5. Mollusk Dance
6. eMigration (Bonus Track)