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HPTY to release Trevor Deep Jr LP


The taciturn deep house producer will release TDJ at the end of May.

Some may debate the merits of anonymity in dance music, but for the less cynical fan a little mystery surrounding a producer can only be a good thing. Since 2011, Trevor Deep Jr has remained inconspicuous, with the self-billed “mystery man from Finland” sneaking out a string of Chicago and Detroit influenced records for Delsin and Nsyde, and the producer’s own HPTY label. With the announcement of a seven-track double album entitled TDJ (almost certainly a nod to Moodymann and his eponymous record label), perhaps Trevor Deep Jr has decided to open up a little.

The album builds on the foundations of the TDJ sound, taking a direct approach to vintage deep house that comes up moody and mirthful at different times, but always played through classic drum machines and synths. Guests to appear across the LP include previous collaborator King Shorty (who last appeared on the Nsyde-released track “Blunted”), and Detroit vocalist Niko Marks whose soulful croon sits atop a shuffling soul cut “Let You End”. The accompanying press release for TDJ throws out a few curveballs, referring at different times to “his skill of crafting deeply emotive sounds,” before describing the album as, “an accomplished well rounded and timeless piece of music from the Finnish production duo.” Listen to clips on TDJ below.

HPTY will release TDJ by Trevor Deep Jr on May 20.

TDJ cover


1. Uv
2. Kreuzberg
3. Empty
4. Qwa
5. Nina Dub (w. King Shorty)
6. Roba Rouge (w. TDJ Jazz Outfit)
7. Let You End (feat. Niko Marks)