Sound Stream returns with Bass Affairs


Frank Timm’s celebrated disco edit series gets busy for the first time in more than two years.

When it comes to the phenomenon of sampling old tracks and making them your own, few claim as much success as Sound Stream. With a snail-paced release rate that has seen just seven 12”s land since 1999, Frank Timm has managed to eke out the perfect alchemy of warm disco sound sources and contemporary dance music restraint to great effect. It’s a far cry from the rambunctious loop damage of his Soundhack alias, or the more wild climes of the Smith N Hack project he shared with Erik ‘Errorsmith’ Wiegand, finding its purpose in delivering unbridled pleasure without any difficult edges or sappy compromises.

The last Sound Stream release to grace the dance was 2012’s Julie’s Theme, and finally the project is back in action with Bass Affairs, which finds Timm delivering three impeccable jams timed perfectly for the emergence of Spring. As ever, the record is coming to light through Hard Wax, the Berlin record shop with which Timm has always been closely associated, and you can get a taste of the bass popping, funk-fuelled wares on offer through samples on their site.

Bass Affairs by Sound Stream is out now.

Sound Stream Bass Affairs labels


A1. Bass Affairs
B1. Sweep Magic
B2. Starstrike