Allen & Heath reveal Xone:43

Xone 43 1

The latest installment in the British manufacturer’s popular series of DJ mixers is now available.

British mixer specialists Allen & Heath have long been favoured by a significant portion of the DJing community for their Xone series of mixers, with a range that reaches from the digital controller, Xone:K1, through hybrid behemoth the, Xone:4D, and on to the rotary allure of the Xone:S2. One of the main selling points has always been the analogue VCF filters that the company builds into its mixers, giving a depth of control and sound manipulation that other brands have always struggled to match.

The Xone:42 has long been a popular draw due to its compact size and compatibility with digital and analogue set ups, and now Allen & Heath have just announced the Xone:43 is ready to ship. Feature-wise, there’s not a great deal to distinguish one version from the other as the same four channels and mic input remain, while the filters are intact and the X:FX feature continues to facilitate the integration of external effects. Cosmetically the black circular function buttons have been replaced by backlit squares, which will no doubt help when scrabbling for the low-pass option in the gloom of the DJ booth. For more information on Allen & Heath’s Xone:43 watch the video below or visit their website.

Allen & Heath’s Xone:43 mixer is available to buy now.