New Black Deer material on the way

Stream a track from the forthcoming Rush No ‘Label’ release by “The Melanistic One”.

William Burnett’s Black Deer project was introduced by Rush Hour Distribution’s No ‘Label’ project just over two years ago, described at the time as a chance for the cantankerous WT Records founder to indulge in “sympathetic storytelling for the real Americans”. Across the smattering of subsequent releases, Burnett’s work as Black Deer has become a favourite here at Juno Plus with a self-titled album for the low key Los Angeles Peak Oil label a notable highlight.

A new Black Deer record for No ‘Label’ called Pray For Us is in the pipeline and the title-track suggests Burnett’s willingness to venture into the great sonic unknown remains undimmed. If you are a fan of handclaps – sampled and deployed polyrhythmically – you will adore “Pray For Us” which can be streamed in full below, which finds Burnett channelling a truly spiritual vibe.