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Broken English Club next on Cititrax

Oliver Ho will release the Scars EP through the Minimal Wave sister label in April.

Chameleonic UK techno artist Oliver Ho seems to have been creatively reinvigorated by the Broken English Club project, channeling his interests in post punk and industrial music in a confident manner not quite achieved with his prior Raudive and The Eyes In The Heat endeavours. A superb debut release for the Jealous God series that Tony Poland described as “swinging languidly from moments of squalid feedback to lurching post punk” was later complemented by a split release with Silent Servant on Cititrax with an insinuation from Veronica Vasicka of further material on the label from Ho.

It now transpires that Broken English Club will be granted a full Cititrax debut with news of the Scars EP scheduled for release in April. Some four tracks deep, the record sees Ho deliver music of a similar vein to previous BEC output, with the below preview living up to the label’s decription of “sparse vocals and shards of live instrumentation over heavy, stuttering beats and bleak synths”. The creative bond between Ho and Juan Mendez continues here too, with the LA-based artist providing the photography for the Vasicka-designed cover art from “his personal archives”.

A special mention must go to the vinyl used for this pressing, a one of a kind white vinyl that has a clear section towards the centre as depicted below.

Cititrax will release the Scars EP by Broken English Club on April 7.


A1. Channel 83
A2. Local Violence
B1. Ritual Killing
B2. Drycutting