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Hear Holly Herndon and Mat Dryhurst collaborate on Recruit

The RVNG Intl artist and PAN affiliate share their piece commissioned by London clothing brand Cottweiler.

Holly Herndon and Mat Dryhurst are no strangers to collaboration – they work together as K回iro, while Dryhurst has recently been providing live internet-based visuals for Herndon’s recent live shows. Their latest audio project was a soundtrack commission for London clothing brand Cottweiler’s Autumn/Winter 2015 presentation at the Alison Jacques Gallery, and now it can be heard in full for those of not generally invited to view new clothing lines.

Expanding on the piece in typically oblique form in a press release, Dryhurst had this to say: “Recruit is a transition between environments. We answer a call, and travel to a dusty landscape where alarms, cicadas and voices swarm ominously in the wind. Improvised machinery recoils and reassembles. Wires emerge from the earth. What intelligence brought us here? What did we sign up for?”

Fans of Herndon’s excellent Chorus and Home releases last year (of which we very much were) are fully advised to immerse themselves in the full 11 minutes of Recruit. Filled with all the warm vocal tones and high-resolution electronics you’d expect from Herndon’s solo work, it also incorporates the dense matrix of glitchy tones audible in Dryhurst’s recent experiments in creating compositions out of personal internet data. It’s also available to buy now on a pay-what-you-like basis at Herndon’s Bandcamp page.