Gobstopper Records starts Peace Edits series


Mr Mitch’s label calls on a host of grime producers to reinterpret some unlikely artists on its next record.

Back in 2013, Gobstopper head Mr Mitch (pictured above) started making edits of tracks from other producers in the grime scene he called “Peace Dubs”. It was a reaction to the series of “war dubs” being traded by other grime producers at the time, doing the inverse and taking the “aggression” out of them as he told The Quietus last year. Though the first set of Peace Dubs saw just Mr Mitch contributing, he’s now extended the invitation to a clutch of artists to contribute to a white label release, with Strict Face, Loom, and the brilliantly named Silk Road Assassins joining Mr Mitch across its four tracks.

According to Sonic Router, Peace Edits Vol. 1 will be released next month and sees each producer reinterpreting songs from Kate Bush, Dru Hill, Alice Deejay and T-Pain into a weightless style. Sonic Router also premiered Strict Face’s contribution streaming below, which transforms Alice Deejay’s 1999 Eurodance classic “Better Off Alone” into something much more haunting and heartfelt.

Gobstopper Records will release Peace Edits Vol. 1 on 12″ vinyl only on February 23.



1. Strict Face – Alice
2. Loom – Kate
3. Mr. Mitch – Dru
4. Silk Road Assassins – T