M.E.S.H. enters Black Ocean


The label run by Renaissance Man have detailed forthcoming EPs by the PAN affiliate and new artist Soda Plains.

In 2013 Martti Kalliala and Ville Haimala, aka Renaissance Man, created Black Ocean, a label primarily run by Haimala as Resident Advisor report. Operating for close to 18 months, Black Ocean, a fledging operation catering to techno, bass and rave styled club music, currently stands at six releases tall with half of them coming from Renaissance Man, with the label giving platform to new artists Initiative and Russian producer N’Bome. News surfaces Berlin-based producer Soda Plains will be the next to debut on Black Ocean alongside recent PAN signing and Juno Plus Five Records contributor M.E.S.H.

James Whipple, aka M.E.S.H. (pictured above), first appeared on the label in remix form earlier this year, delivering two versions of “Hard Feeling” from the Early Man EP by Renaissance Man that inaugurated Black Ocean in 2013. The forthcoming Infra-Dawn / Infra-Dusk provides Whipple with his third solo release following his Scythians EP for PAN, a record Scott Wilson described as “like listening to an entirely fresh form of club music”. Preceding that, next month Black Ocean will issue Rushes, the first official release for Soda Plains; a press sheet calls it “dance music stripped of any territorial markers: trans-everything garage, global funky, pan-club, decentralized grime.”

Black Ocean will release Rushes by Soda Plains on December 8, while the official label debut of M.E.S.H. with the Infra-Dawn / Infra-Dusk two-track will arrive on January 26.


Soda Plains: Rushes

1. Rushes
2. Not Tonight

M.E.S.H.: Infra-Dawn / Infra-Dusk

1. Infra-Dawn
2. Infra-Dusk