Full details of new Egyptrixx album arrive

Transfer of Energy [Feelings of Power] will arrive via the Toronto artist’s own Halocline Trance label in early 2015. 

Those of you permanently plugged into the internet will no doubt have been recently made aware of Dave Psutka’s plans to channel his creative energies through his own Halocline Trance label. A brief announcement from the label last week suggested it will “serve as a vessel for his music, visual and collaborative projects” and would launch with a new Egpytrixx album entitled Transfer of Energy [Feelings of Power] with further details promised at a later stage. A press release circulated this afternoon further outlined what this third Egyptrixx album from Psutka will sound like as well as revealing some of the themes behind it.

Due for release in February, the seven-track album is described as revolving around a “central dichotomy” of “tranquility and concussion,” and finds Psutka again working closely with longtime visual collaborator Andreas Nicolas Fischer. The Berlin-based artist was responsible for the art direction on last year’s A/B Till Infinity LP and the structural ideas explored on that Night Slugs release are apparently elaborated further on Transfer of Energy [Feelings of Power].

Halocline Trance will release Transfer of Energy [Feelings of Power] by Egyptrixx on February 9.


1. Halocline Trance
2. Transfer of Energy [Feelings of Power]
3. Body II Body Feat. Nyssa
4. Discipline 1982
5. Mirror Etched on Shards of Amethyst
6. Not Vital
7. Conduit [Repo]