Premiere: Listen to Vatican Shadow take on Akkord

Dominick Fernow

Listen to Dominick Fernow’s pulsing techno amalgamation of Akkord’s “Typeface” and “Greyscale”, out soon on Houndstooth.

Since releasing their debut album last year, Houndstooth duo Akkord’s sound seems to have gone in a markedly moodier direction. Though the pair’s trademark blend of enveloping sub-bass and precision beats was still intact on the HTH020 EP released earlier this year, their sound came coated in a new-found sense of darkness to go with the dread, with the screams and eerie strings populating “Greyscale” making for a track that sounded like a cross between dubstep and black metal.

Houndstooth has evidently decided to draw out more of these qualities in the duo’s work with a new remix single, in which Tri Angle artist The Haxan Cloak and Hospital Productions boss Dominick Fernow (pictured above) reassemble parts the four tracks of HTH020 into two bass-driven Frankenstein’s monsters. Ahead of the release of HTH030 on November 17, we’re premiering Fernow’s “The World Is Complete” remix, which sees him don his techno-focused Vatican Shadow mantle to combine “Typeface” and “Greyscale” into one eight-minute techno epic. While it’s a scorched in tone as you’d expect from a Vatican Shadow production, its sleek form also recalls some of his excellent collaborative album with Function. Listen to it in full below.