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Juju & Jordash are Clean-Cut

The duo will release a fourth album through Dekmantel next month.

If there is one act truly synonymous with Thomas Martojo and Casper Tielrooij’s Dekmantel it’s probably Juju & Jordash. The Amsterdam-based Israeli duo were responsible for Dekmantel’s debut 12″ release back in 2009 and have gone on to issue two LPs and countless more singles through the label. Techno Primitivism, Juju & Jordash’s last LP for the label, was a lovingly sprawling affair with some 15 cuts of moody, improvised electronics spread over three slabs of vinyl. In the period since, there’s been a blur of activity around Juju & Jordash, be it the Magic Mountain High project with Move D that’s begun to manifest itself into recorded output or the various projects that Jordan Czamanski has undertaken himself.

With all this in mind, not to mention Juju & Jordash’s busy touring schedule, news that Czamanski and Gal Aner have found the time to record and complete a new album together is most impressive. Taking the title Clean-Cut, the new album is due to drop in a couple of weeks and at nine tracks long is notably shorter than the epic Techno Primitivism. A press release suggests this was intentional, with the pair stating Clean-Cut is “tighter, more honest and there’s less hiding behind a hazy screen of FX”. A 13-minute preview of the LP is available to stream below for those looking to get an idea of what to expect.

Dekmantel will release Clean-Cut by Juju & Jordash on November 19.


1. Clean-Cut
2. Schmofield
3. Whippersnapper
4. Swamp Things
5. Deadwood City
6. Maharaja
7. Wheeze Please
8. Anywhere
9. Eventide
10. SP Shakes (CD bonus track)