Design A Wave next on Alien Jams

The London artist will issue International Journey of Synthetic Emotion through the emergent label.

Founded by occasional Juno Plus scribe Chloe Frieda, the Alien Jams label launched earlier this year and is a logical extension of her long-running Sunday afternoon NTS show of the same name. The show’s stated focus on sonic obscurities and early electronics certainly feeds into the direction of the label with their debut release an album of ramshackle ‘bedcore’ from Edmund Davie’s long running oMMM project. News has now surfaced of the second release from Alien Jams which comes from another denizen of the UK DIY underground in Design A Wave.

The long standing project of London-based artist Tom Hirst, Design A Wave has been around since the late ’90s but it’s only in recent years he’s began to gain wider recognition. Fans of Rush Hour Distribution’s No ‘Label’ endeavour will be more than familiar with the work of Tom Hirst’s Design A Wave project, with the London-based artist delivering a pair of distinctive 12″s for the label this year as well as getting remixed by Aroy Dee and Ma Spaventi for that ##### 12″.

The forthcoming Alien Jams release from Design A Wave takes shape in the form of a three-track 12″ called International Journey of Synthetic Emotion which seems to capture Hirst’s mangled synth-wave perfectly, “weaving throughout experimental electronics to more dance ready tracks”. You can stream the excellent B-side “III” to get an idea of what to expect from the forthcoming record.

Alien Jams will release International Journey of Synthetic Emotion by Design A Wave in December.


A1. I
A2. II