Russell Haswell returns to Diagonal with Double A

The veteran noise artist will release a two-track 12″ for the label later this month.

Earlier this year, UK noise and experimental artist Russell Haswell became the most high-profile signing to the Powell and Jaime Williams’ Diagonal label to date, with the excellent 37 Minute Workout LP demonstrating his own slant on club music. With a release for Poland’s Bocian label and a split CD package with Pain Jerk for Editions Mego also released this year, and a collaboration with Philip Best’s Consumer Electronics due on Dirter soon, Haswell will add to a prolific year with a return to Diagonal.

Comprised of two 10-minute tracks, Double A is described by the label as “Russell at his slyest and most honest, presenting spasmodic, un-edited improvisations belying influence from the pivotal epoch of diamond-cut ‘80s freestyle, industrial and Detroit techno.” Intriguingly, B-side track “one Take Dub No Edit” is supposedly a “flashback to a vital time when futurist Latin freestyle and industrial funk were the dancer’s choice.” Special mention must go to Diagonal’s designer of choice Guy Featherstone for yet more dizzyingly brilliant sleeve art as depicted below.

Diagonal will release Double A on vinyl and digital formats on October 13.



A1. Foxy
B1. One Take Dub No Edit