Machinedrum presents the Vapor City Archives

The Vapor City project will be brought to a close with a final 10-track album on Ninja Tune in November.

Travis Stewart’s arrival on Ninja Tune last year was heralded by Vapor City, his 10th studio album under the Machinedrum name and one driven by an elaborate fictional concept themed around an imaginary metropolis of the same name. Mimicking the sprawling nature of this fictional urban setting, the Vapor City project has developed into a year-long endeavour for Stewart, incorporating supplementary EPs, remixes and nuggets of binary content for those engaged enough to sign up for the Vapor City Citizenship programme.

It’s now been revealed Stewart will draw a line under the Vapor City project in quite comprehensive fashion in November with the release of a new album. Taking the title of Vapor City Archives, this final installment consists of some 10 all-new productions, one of which, “Only 1 Way 2 Know” can be heard here. Musically, Vapor City Archives is said to be another refinement of the Machinedrum sound, a place where footwork, hip hop and jungle intermingle. As the below tracklisting suggests, the forthcoming album continues the text speak-style approach to track titles Stewart took on Vapor City, whilst LuckyMe pair Dom Flanagan and Eclair Fifi once again deliver some fine cover art.

Ninja Tune will release Vapor City Archives by Machinedrum on November 17.


1. Boxoff
2. Safed
3. Hard 2 Be
4. Only 1 Way 2 Know
5. Vizion (Centered)
6. B Patient
7. More Than Friends
8. Tried & True
9. 2 B Luvd
10. Endless <3