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Juno Plus Staff Mix Vol. 2: Tony Poland

Editor Tony Poland dips into his record collection for an hour-long mix featuring Aquarian Foundation, Silent Servant, Helena Hauff, Dresvn and more.

After last month’s stellar and extensively-worded inauguration of the Juno Plus Staff Mix series from James Manning, this mix is less conceptually loaded and thus the words that follow are all the more brief. The intention here is to present some records that I have personally enjoyed over the past few months – it’s largely a current selection apart from one or two tracks – which I felt would fit right next to each other within the context of a mix.

If you follow Juno Plus then you won’t really find any surprises within the hour-long mix, with the selection consisting of artists, labels and records that tend to feature in my suggestions for coverage as well as my monthly vinyl orders. Future mixes consisting entirely of tracks from my growing collections of cassette tapes are on the cards however. Laid down in one take using two 1210s and a Pioneer DJM-900NXS one afternoon last week in Juno’s equipment showroom, the searing heat explains the occasionally iffy beat matching and the more than liberal usage of the DJM-900NXS delay FX when mixing between tracks.

Tony Poland


1. Aquarian Foundation – Planet Of Discipline (Trip) [Total Stasis]
2. XI – MANIA 16 (E-Gzr Mellow Mix) [Wania]
3. Madteo & Sensational – Freak Inspector (Hieroglyphic Being Rework) [Morphine]
4. Streetwalker – Ooze (Silent Servant Remix) [Diagonal]
5. Villa Abo – Ruff Swing [Bio Rhythm]
6. Zsa Gang – Track 2 [Off Minor Recordings]
7. Tuff Sherm – Easy Company [Berceuse Heroique]
8. Helena Hauff – Spirals Of Smoke Drifting From Soot Stained Chimneys [Panzerkreuz]
9. The Sun God – Maum [Bio Rhythm]
10. Asusu – Too Much Time Has Passed (Dresvn remix) [Livity Sound]