Public Possession introduce Obalski

Preview the forthcoming six-track release from the “long time shareholder of the PP Organisation”.

Whilst Public Possession’s first forays into the record label business from Tambien and Matthew Brown were very much grounded in house and techno, it’s been nice to witness the Munich operation develop a weirder streak. Bell Towers’ second release for the label just dropped, proving to be a delightfully left of centre evolution of the London-based producer’s sound, and Public Possession’s fifth release finds the label deviating further from the straight and narrow. Described by the label as a “long term shareholder of the Public Possession Organisation,” Obalski’s musical CV apparently includes art gallery sound installations and scores for local Munich theatrical productions.

This background in the avant-garde is very much evident in the below preview for his forthcoming PP bow, titled simply Introducing Obalski which largely eschews club based rhythms in favour of some contemplative kosmische experimentation.