Premiere: Helena Hauff plunges Factory Floor into the Reeperbahn darkness

Stream the Golden Pudel resident’s neck-snapping remix of Factory Floor. 

In a move that’s likely to anger frustrated keyboard heroes across the internet, Helena Hauff is among a cadre of high-profile names tasked with remixing Factory Floor’s forthcoming single “How You Say”. You have probably already heard the previously aired remix from Daniel ‘smile’ Avery and the forthcoming release – due via DFA on April 14 – also features reworks from L.I.E.S. pair Bookworms and Gunnar Haslam, as well as previously dormant DFA duo Invisible Conga People.

The Juno Plus office 1210 is still in recovery mode from the battering received by repeated plays of Helena Hauff’s Panzerkreuz debut Return To Disorder this week, and it’s pleasing to hear the Golden Pudel resident’s debut remix commission takes a similarly unrelenting form. Mere remnants of Nik Void’s hushed vocals from the original remain here, with Hauff largely focusing on embellishing the track’s more serrated qualities whilst adding some kick drums that feels like a snapping punch to the jaw.