Livity Sound remix series continues with A Made Up Sound

Dave Huismans will offer two versions of Asusu’s “Velez” on the next Livity Sound remix 12″.

Initially announced last month with a 12″ featuring remixes from MMM and Hessle Audio’s Pangaea, Peverelist, Kowton and Asusu’s material under the Livity Sound banner will be diced up by a number of like-minded figures. The next producer to take the knife to the trio’s singular brand of bass-heavy techno and house mutants will be Dave Huismans, whose similarly swung rhythms and weighty production style as A Made Up Sound and 2562 makes him the ideal candidate to remix their work.

Although clips of one of Huisman’s remixes have been floating around the digital ether for a week or so, the label have confirmed that the next remix 12″ will in fact feature two versions of Asusu’s “Velez” track by Huismans as A Made Up Sound. Released on 12″ vinyl on March 31, both of the similarly brain-warping versions can be previewed below, with a chime-heavy rework rubbing shoulders with a much weightier version augmented by some squeaky acid effects.

Livity Sound will releaseĀ LIVITY010 on 12″ vinyl on March 31.


A: Asusu – “Velez” (A Made Up Sound remix 1)
B: Asusu – “Velez” (A Made Up Sound remix 2)