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This week at Juno

Records from Donato Dozzy & Nuel, Broken English Club, Cloudface and more all made for intriguing listening this week.

For those of a certain disposition, the name Donato Dozzy is likely to inspire a feverish response, and this week’s most interesting album will likely cause a veritable overflowing of superlatives. Having previously featured on John Elliot’s Spectrum Spools last year reworking Bee Mask, the label’s attentions turned this week to a deluxe reissue of Dozzy and Nuel’s Aquaplano material from 2008. Arriving as a deluxe 2LP set and CD version, The Aquaplano Sessions feels very much like a prototype for the current brand of noisy, lo-fi techno doing the rounds, albeit with a deeply psychedelic edge. Similarly mindbending was Estoile Naiant, the new album from patten on Warp, a dense, beat-drive collection of expectedly kaleidoscopic sounds.

Our single of the week was undoubtedly the new release from the Jealous God label, which really seems to have hit its stride following that excellent Silent Servant 12″. Exploring the trio’s well-documented love for DIY post-punk and industrial sounds, Jealous God 4 is the debut of Raudive producer Oliver Ho’s Broken English Club, and it sees him mining these influences to deliver something very impressive indeed – also check the included mix CD from DVA DAMAS member Taylor Burch. This was closely followed by Woo Right, the Unknown To The Unknown debut of cantankerous New Yorker Willie Burns – fans of Burns’ tracks that show a more ’90s disposition will be all over this.

This week saw a Four Tet and Terror Danjah collaboration heading up a strong collection of bassier music, with both “Killer” and “Nasty” engaging insome twisted variations on the well-worn templates of grime and funky, something seen on Oil Gang’s latest release, which presented Twin Warriors, the debut record from rising grime talent JT The Goon. For us though, it was all about Space Jamz Vol 1, this week’s second piece of UTTU wax which saw label boss DJ Haus deliver four pumping club jams – check the junglist deviations of “Tell Me” and “Hurfdy Jam” on the record’s “Earth Side” for some club heaters in the R-Zone mould.

The consistently impressive Going Good label threw out another essential record this week in the form of Wyre Drive, the vinyl issue of a 2012 Nice Up Intl cassette from Mood Hut producer Cloudface. Those who picked up his Devonian Garden record on the Vancouver label last year will find the same hazy deep house vibes on a few tracks, but with a helping of hardware-driven acid and techno which is significantly more haywire than his subsequent release. Juju & Jordash also made a welcome return to Dekmantel this week on the Waldorf Salad 12″, which contained two sides of pleasingly chunky analogue house music from the duo. On something of a different tip was Lagos, New York, the essential new 12″ on Golf Channel from the killer Africaine 808. As you’d expect, their music combines elements of African music with the famous drum machine, but without drifting into pastiche. The Huntleys & Palmers debut of Drumtalk was similarly rich in its influences, with the tropical percussion of both “Time” and “Magnetic” paired with some contemporary house elements.

R&S seem to be hoovering up innovative techno talent of late, and this week saw Lakker become the latest figures to get a release on the respected label. Containing A Thousand is just the kind of brooding, necksnapping stuff we’ve come to expect form the Irish pair, with the Aphex Twin-like “K’antu” contrasted by the funereal dirge-step of “Mausoleum”. This week also saw a few twists on the well-worn theme of haunted techno. Berlin’s increasingly essential Dystopian label also returned with their latest slab of vinyl, which saw the talents of Recondite return to the label with the Nadsat EP,
featuring four more exercises in techno witchcraft, while Voodoo Down Records co-founder L’estasi Dell’oro became the latest addition to the Macro discography with the gothic techno sounds of Iscariotic Lips. Finally, the second release from The Bunker New York label arrived this week, which saw rising Brooklyn techno producer Clay Wilson follow up a strong Styles Upon Styles debut with three minimalistic takes on throbbing techno.

In the experimental realm this week’s essential release was the first record on Peder Mannerfelt’s eponymous record label, geared toward complex sound design and sophisticated synthesis. Titled simply EP1, it sees the Swede experiment with sonics in a manner that will appeal to fans of Mike Parker, Emptyset and Donato Dozzy.