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Hear Sudanim’s The Link EP for Her Records

The South London label have released their latest EP of forward-looking grime-inspired club music – listen in full here.

South London’s Her Records are already one of 2014’s big surprises. Although the label put out its first release at the end of 2012, it was Miss Modular’s Reflector Pack EP that catapulted the label into the wider consciousness after its release late last year. It’s fair to say that Reflector Pack owes a lot to the likes of Jam City (and indeed the Night Slugs/Fade To Mind sound as a whole) and the fresh wave of grime headed by the likes of Slackk and Logos, but, as Juno Plus writer Scott Wilson remarked in his last Scratching The Surface column, “the fact that it’s more of an evolution than a revolution doesn’t matter when it’s executed as well as it is here.”

The label have just put out their fifth release with little fanfare, and if anything it’s even more unique than Reflector Pack. Coming from London-based producer and Her Records co-head Sudanim, The Link EP has the same bass-heavy grime influences as Miss Modular, but as shown in the title track  – which sounds almost like Holly Herndon, Oneohtrix Point Never, Boddika and Bauuer thrown into a blender – the producer occupies his own unique space, which also seems to be influenced by UK funky and dancehall. The five-track EP can be listened to in its entirety below, while it can also be purchased digitally at the Her Records website.