Sennheiser reveal three new headphone products

The revered German audio company has detailed a new line of headphones, the HD 6, HD 7 and HD 8.

This year Sennheiser’s legendary HD 25 headphone turns 25-years-old and in that time they’ve become an ubiquitous piece of kit among DJs everywhere and as a result, as Resident Advisor recently wrote, are now an industry standard. It was revealed at CES 2014, a conference of consumer technologies in Las Vegas, that Sennheiser will introduce three new headphones to their DJ series which on top of the HD 25 also includes the HD 215 and HD 205 products.

As RA reported earlier today, the HD 25 design inspired the release of the HD 6, HD 7 and HD 8, while a Sennheiser spokesman at the Vegas conference has explained all three headphones feature two sets of ear-pads and two replaceable cables, a coil and straight version, that can connect to either ear-cup. The HD 7 and HD 8 in particular feature a “new, iconic swivel design on the ear-cups”, ideally favoring DJs, while the HD 6 is said to be designed for “the professional sound technician”, with an emphasis on comfort during longer wearing times, which many current HD 25 users will be glad to hear. There’s no release date or price as as yet but for more information you can visit Sennheiser’s website and there’s a brief video to watch below.