Ron Morelli gets the Lee Gamble treatment

Stream the PAN artist’s take on “Director Of…” from Ron Morelli’s debut LP Spit.

Cast your mind back towards March of this year (or click on this link) and you will recall Lee Gamble’s “Plos 97s” was the subject of an “Underground Use Edit” from The Deli Twins, a rarely used guise of Ron Morelli and Future Times captain Max D. Now consider the favour returned as recent Radio 1 guest mixer Lee Gamble has revealed his own take on “Director of….” from Morelli’s divisive debut album for Dominick Fernow’s Hospital Productions. Morelli’s original was a brief, garbled foray through malfunctioning electronics and Gamble’s extended rework deftly adds some rhythmic crunch to proceedings. Much like that Deli Twins, don’t expect to hear this beyond the confines of a DJ set from Gamble and his associates.