Tuff Sherm is Followfarming

Stream a typically bizarre production from the Australian’s forthcoming tape release Struggle Smell on the Rekno label.

Whilst Eugene Hector came to prominence for his prolific work as Dro Carey, it’s clear that he’s currently finding most creative happiness under the Tuff Sherm alias. In addition to the material that proliferates his Bandcamp page, there have been some excellent Tuff Sherm transmissions on The Trilogy Tapes, ANUS Records, Clan Destine Traxx and Merok, with the latter a much needed physical release of last year’s Shrapnel Maestro LP.

The forthcoming Struggle Smell C40 cassette sees Hector return to Rekno having graced the UK-based ‘frontierless abstract record label’ last year with the Canal Cloaking tape.”Followfarming” closes out the A-side and has us truly excited for what’s to come; commencing like Theo’s “Any Other Styles” the track gradually morphs into something quite wonderful and melodically complex over the course of eight minutes. Breaking Bad fans will probably appreciate the artwork too!