Public Information release Judd “Retuned”

Limited 7-inch features Ian Helliwell’s collage of the recent Interpretations on F.C. Judd LP.

Back in May Public Information released Interpretations on F.C. Judd, an excellent LP featuring contemporary reworks of early electronic artist F.C. Judd, subject of an earlier retrospective on the label. Featuring contributions from such diverse names as Holly Herndon, Perc, Karen Gwyer, Ekoplekz, Bandshell and Pye Corner Audio, its level of quality control ensured that it didn’t suffer from the same issues that blight almost all other remix albums.

To coincide with the release the label commissioned Judd biographer and sound artist Ian Helliwell to provide his own concrète take on the various contributions, creating a sound collage out of all the tracks using radios, “Helliceiver” and reel to reel tape loops. The results were pressed to limited 7-inch and sold at Public Information parties, but the remaining copies have been put up for sale exclusively through the label’s Bandcamp; those curious to hear the results can hear a snippet of the release below.