Call Super returns with Black Octagons

JR Seaton returns to Fabric’s Houndstooth label with three tracks of futuristic techno.

Best known as Call Super, Berlin-based producer JR Seaton was given the honour of inaugurating Fabric’s Houndstooth label back in February with the The Present Tense EP, building on his productions for Five Easy Pieces, Throne Of Blood and Relish with a stunning EP of highly detailed techno whose rich textural approach stood out amongst an increasing ocean of industrial sounds.

News now arrives of Seaton’s return to the label with the three-track Black Octagons EP; evidently Seaton has the same contempt for press releases as his good friend Objekt (whose Cactus single came with a biography that read like it had been put through Google Translate several times) providing a seemingly meaningless string of double-spaced text making reference to “nitrate  dealing”, a “Dewsbury  Severance  case” and an unspecified “hit-­bound  cardboard-­box  factory”. The music however speaks for itself, with Seaton engaging in three more tracks of futuristic techno sharing the same mixture of glistening tones and scuffed rhythms as Terrence Dixon and Actress. Consider us excited.

Houndstooth will release Black Octagons on 12-inch on September 9 and digital on September 16; clips can be heard below.


A1. Informer
B1. Dewsbury Severance
B2. Black Octagons