Alex Smoke makes R&S debut with Dust

The Scottish producer will follow up his album for Convex Industries with a new single featuring a remix from Tessela.

Despite having been absent from the production game after a few years due to battling an unspecified illness, Soma veteran Alex Smoke seems to be making up for lost time; this year saw him release an album of rough, melancholic electronica as Wraetlic on Jon Convex’s Convex Industries label, and now he will continue his reinvigoration with a single for R&S.¬†Entitled Dust, the title track sees Smoke continue to experiment with the warped vocals and downbeat atmospherics of the Wraetlic project; a¬†further track, “Ruction (dub)”¬†combines what the label amusingly describe as “futuristic schizoid drum patterns and mumbled lyrics that come on like classic era Karl Hyde of Underworld on cough syrup.”

On remix duties for the release will be Tessela, who contributes a radical remix of “Dust” that reconstructs it in the fashion of the jungle-influenced belters he’s been putting out on labels like Punch Drunk and his own Poly Kicks label of late. Excitingly, the press release form R&S confirms that Tessela himself will be releasing an EP on R&S later this year – watch this space for more on that when news arrives.


A1. Dust
B1. Dust (Tessela remix)
B2. Ruction (Dub)