DJ Overdose goes Higher and Higher

Stream the upcoming release from DJ Overdose for Pinkman Records.

Founded earlier this year by Rotterdam’s Patrick Marsman, Pinkman has thus far proved to be a worthy addition to the canon of Dutch labels. issuing material from some of the lesser praised exponents of hardware driven electro, EBM and techno in DRVG CVLTVRE, Roberto Auser and Myriadd. The label is a neat fit for DJ Overdose then, with his forthcoming five track release Higher & Higher displaying the various nuances of his production style.

Speaking with us recently, the Rotterdam based producer revealed a passionate interest in film soundtracks, specifically those for 1980s science fiction, something that shines through in the decidedly bleak Carpenter-esque opener “Sneaking”, whilst the likes of “Delta Force” and “Reinforcements” are the kind of neck snapping electro that would thoroughly excite Helena Hauff.