Hear a track from Rashad Becker’s forthcoming PAN LP

Listen to “Dances III” from the prominent mastering engineer’s album for PAN.

As mastering and cutting engineer at Berlin’s fabled Dubplates & Mastering studio, Rashad Becker has had a hand in engineering an overwhelming number of records. Although primarily known for his engineering, Becker is known to make his own music, and a solo LP for Bill Kouligas’ PAN label has been mooted for some months; already the subject of a review and an in-depth feature in The Wire, we were beginning to wonder if Becker’s Traditional Music of Notional Species Vol. I was about to become a mythical lost catalogue number in the PAN discography.

The label have now finally revealed the full artwork and late July release date for the LP; as Resident Advisor report it comes divided into “Chants & Dances” and “Themes”; if the below track “Dances III”, is anything to go by, the LP covers some expectedly adventurous terrain, merging the worlds of noise and drone to create the soundtrack to a foreboding extraterrestrial landscape.