Frak return to Kontra-Musik

The four track Matador EP from the Swedish hardware enthusiasts will be released next month.

Although the Swedish trio have been producing since the late ’80s, Frak languished in relative obscurity until last year, when a track on a Workshop release, three EPs for Kontra-Musik’s white label series and a release for Sex Tags Mania forced them into the collective consciousness alongside a growing list of releases too numerous to mention. Now details have emerged of the trio’s return to Kontra-Musik, with a four track Matador EP planned for release next month.

Although the record struggles to capture the pure mania of a Frak live performance, which involves green jackets, tinfoil masks and a table full of vintage hardware, it is, like their other Kontra white labels, filled with skewed analogue techno. Both “Raw Space” and “Kom Deluxe” display the trio’s ability to constructing thick, mid-tempo acid tracks filled with dub textures while the furious bassline and manic melody of “Fragmentus” and maddening three note structure of “Acid Colour” show them at their most unhinged; clips can be heard at the Kontra-Musik site.

Kontra-Musik will release Matador on limited hand-stamped 12″ vinyl on August 20.


A1. Raw Space
A2. Kom Deluxe
B1. Fragmentus
B2. Acid Color