Autonomous Africa returns with JD Twitch, Midland and Auntie Flo

Preview JD Twitch, Auntie Flo and Midland’s contributions to this year’s Autonomous Africa EP.

Founded last year by Optimo’s JD Twitch with a 12″ of tracks and edits from Twitch himself and fellow Glasgow artist Auntie Flo, the Autonomous Africa series intends to highlight the problems that outside interference from other countries has on African countries and their people; each year all proceeds from the sales of an EP are given to a different charity in Africa. The inaugural EP raised funds for Médecins Sans Frontières operations in Africa, while this year’s EP will raise funds for the Mtandika Mission in Tanzania.

Available to preview below, Autonomous Africa Volume 2 sees Aus Music’s Midland joining Twitch and Auntie Flo for another four tracks of polyrhythmic funk and Afrobeat edits; the tough, scratchy 4/4 of Midland’s “Checkbob” and turbulent analogue bass at the heart of JD Twitch’s “Olaiya” provide two of the EP’s highlights.