Anthony Parasole launches Quickstrike offshoot of The Corner

The Corner, Anthony Parasole’s impressive label, has expanded to include a new sub label called Quickstrike.

Founded last year, The Corner has swiftly nestled in amongst New York City’s resurgent house and techno scene, with Parasole himself featuring alongside DJ Qu, Phil Moffa, Nor’Easter,  Shaun O’ Sullivan and soon Fred P on the four releases to date which have been complemented by a memorable visual theme also lifting the label above the mire of anonymous hand stamped offerings. The newly formed Quickstrike be “similar to L.I.E.S. BLK or Chasing Voices” according to Parasole, hinting that the label will adopt a slightly faster approach to the process of releasing records, which the title itself alludes to. 

Each entry will be simply entitled Quickstrike, with only the number changing; Parasole will helm the first one track release, which he informed Juno Plus is musically “similar to earlier drum sample based techno, hard loopy stuff influenced from that sound”. The first Quickstrike release is described simply as “relentless drum patterns, numerous Kick Drums with a never ending grip on the dancefloor” and can be previewed below; no release date has yet been confirmed.