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Special Request added to the Houndstooth juggernaut

Paul Woolford’s jungle influenced project becomes the most high profile addition to Houndstooth with an album due later this year

Special Request was launched in earnest in March of last year by Woolford as a creative outlet for “vinyl only releases with no boundaries” and has drawn from a palette of booming basslines and expertly edited classic rave breaks across the four 12″ releases thus far. Woolford revealed in a recent feature with us that there was a Special Request album in the works and this as yet untitled long player will be released through Houndstooth in September. 

In that aforementioned Five Records feature, Woolford revealed the Special Request project has allowed him the freedom to adopt some interesting recording methods. “What I’m doing now is making the tracks and then using an FM transmitter to broadcast them back,” Woolford explained, “and then tuning into the signal with an old Rotel FM tuner so that I can alter how the strength of the signal is received, and then actually sampling this going in and out of range thing in itself and re-incorporating it into the track.”

The Houndstooth debut of Special Request comes in the form of the Hardcore EP, due for release next month, and can be sampled below via a brief five minute Soundcloud stream, with “Broken Dreams” perhaps the best example to date of Woolford’s efforts to instil his productions with the rudeness of the pirate radio jungle shows he listened to whilst growing up. Complementing the two original productions are remixes from Brooklyn upstart Anthony Naples and PAN artist Lee Gamble, with the latter particularly well placed to mangle Woolford’s work given the similarly jungle informed nature of his two albums last year.

The news represents yet another impressive release from Fabric’s in-house label who so far this year have announced material from Call Super, House Of Black Lanterns, Δkkord, Dave Clarke’s _Unsubscribe_ and Second Storey, the new project from Al Tourettes.

Houndstooth will release the Hardcore EP by Special Request on July 22.


A1. Wall To Wall
A2. Mindwash (Anthony Naples Eternal Mix)
AA1 – Broken Dreams
AA2 – Capsules (Lee Gamble Remix)