Live at Robert Johnson reveal Orson Wells release

Frankfurt’s Live at Robert Johnson imprint have announced a new EP from locally bred producer Orson Wells.

Orson Wells’ Never Lonely No More EP for Live at Robert Johnson will be the Frankfurt producer’s first solo title after appearing on a various artist sampler for Chiwax – part of the Rawax conglomerate – earlier this year. The Frankfurt Tracks EP showcased a small bevy of artists hailing from Germany’s own motor city, with Wells supplying two tracks in “Credo” and “Feel The Dance”.

While the German’s production alias namechecks the famed American writer and director responsible for War Of The Worlds, Orson Wells’ productions seek inspiration from Chicago drum tracks rather than Jeff Wayne’s epic horn blowing score to the 1938 radio drama. Never Lonely No More follows an appearance from Wells on the Frankfurt Live At Robert Johnson’s The Lifesaver compilation; on the basis of the clips below – which see tough, rigid drum machine rhythms travel through a number of thick, hazy analogue soundscapes referencing the classic sounds of Chicago house – Wells seems well suited on the label alongside the likes of Roman Flügel, Gerd Jansen’s Tuff City Kids project and The Citizen’s Band.

Live at Robert Johnson will release Orson Wells Never Lonely No More on July 27.