Mark Broom shows off his Acid Dik for Power Vacuum

Preview the UK techno veteran’s corroded induction into the Power Vacuum annals of infamy via a short video.

As ever the Power Vacuum press release trumps any attempts of our own to suitably describe the music on the forthcoming three track 12″ from Broom, due out in early June.

“Step into Broom’s Dojo and be met with a sausage Apocalypse, as the UK techno Magus flays alive your wildest dreams using his brace of bangers. With snake-like precision this chimera of the shadow realms pounds techno oblivion from his production line. Sparks fly as gleaming loaves of acid-soaked brilliance fly out the bakehouse door, the master bakers eyes spinning like electronic roulette wheels – out of control under delirious bass weight. Enshrouded in the blue haze of the shamans gourd pipe, Mr Mark Broom is again set to blow the back doors off any club this side of Basildon.”