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Prologue to release Lustrations LP by Mike Parker

Mike Parker will return to Prologue in June with a new album entitled Lustrations.

The news marks the debut album proper from Parker, whose 2001 album Dispatches for his own Geophone imprint was more of a compilation of previously released material. Based in Buffalo, New York, where he teaches Fine Art at university level, Parker has cultivated one of the most distinguishable sounds in techno to date. His whirring insectoid synths and overpowering basslines are the result of Parker’s quiet obsession with analogue experimentation, his fascination with ring modulators and love for the atonal and dissonant – resulting in a sound as synonymous with loopy techno as the bleeps and throbs of Jeff Mills. 

Lustrations will be Mike Parker’s third release for Prologue following the Pulse Trader and Subterranean Liquid EPs of 2011, and represents the fifth album project from the Munch-based label following Cio D’or, Claudio PRC and Dino Sabatini LPs, as well as last year’s revered Voices From The Lake collaboration of Donato Dozzy and Neel. Parker’s album sees a dozen variations of “Lustration”, numbered one through to twelve, with each track given its own bracketed title. A press release suggests a theme of clarity and hypnotism runs throughout Lustrations, with the album’s productions focusing on bringing techno back to its essentials – “techno with a capital T” as Mike Parker has been quoted saying.

Like his previous releases on Prologue, label owner Tom Bonaty has entrusted Parker with the album’s artwork, which features the lucid sketches and opaque watercolours of Parker’s free-hand expertise.

Prologue will release Mike Parker’s Lustrations as 3 x 12” vinyl album on June 3rd.


1.Lustration One (Khonsu)
2.Lustration Two (Nor’easter)
3.Lustration Tree (Atlantic)
4.Lustration Four (DaiKaiju)
5.Lustration Five (息)
6.Lustration Six (Megalith)
7.Lustration Seven (Forms)
8.Lustration Eight (Contours)
9.Lustration Nine (Drums)
10.Lustration Ten (Pressure Zone)
11.Lustration Eleven (Sarychev)
12.Lustration Twelve (Dericho)